Resolve Trade-offs Between the BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS, MISSION MODEL CANVAS and LEAN CANVAS: How You Can Simply Have Your Cake and Eat It!


In the world of startups and entrepreneurship, there seems to be a tessellated or jigsaw-like canvas for every type of project. The basic allure of a jigsaw-like canvas is its use as a visual checklist that facilitates visual and collaborative thinking.

Perhaps, the three most popular canvases are the Business Model Canvas, Mission Model Canvas, and Lean Canvas. Each canvas is presented on a separate page since each has a trade-off that is not resolved by the other. However, the underlying (pain-solving) system logic of each canvas is the same. The acronym, which summarizes this system logic or pain-solving (learning) cycle, is POKER: Pain-Objectives-Key Results-Experiment-Review. The aforementioned system logic is visually presented in the Strategic POKER Canvas which is in my new book, "Business Model Canvas: A Good Tool With Bad Instructions?" The template of a Strategic POKER Canvas has five blank meso-blocks.

Below, I present a template of the Lean POKER Canvas, which is an operational canvas with 11 micro-blocks.

An annotated Lean POKER Canvas can be presented as a three-in-one canvas by using topics from the Business Model Canvas, Mission Model Canvas, and Lean Canvas while observing the system logic of a business model as well as sub-models. The resulting Lean POKER Canvas resolves the trade-off associated with each of the aforementioned canvases. You can therefore use such a Lean POKER Canvas as a Business Model Canvas, Mission Model Canvas, and/or Lean Canvas. Surely, you can have your cake and eat it!

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