Salesforce’s Ventures into the Healthcare Domain: What It Means for Users

Those who have been following Salesforce’s ventures for a long time, already know that marketing and sales have always been deemed as bread and butter for the company. Some time back, the CRM giant has ventured in a new direction, and that is towards the healthcare domain. The company is now aiming to make healthcare more easily accessible and convenient for both patients and medical practitioners. Its new cloud platform is specially tailored to contain and manage healthcare service providers' and patients’ data.

 What exactly is the Healthcare Cloud Service from Salesforce and what does it aim at?

 Salesforce Health Cloud is basically a CRM platform that takes patient relationships with healthcare service providers to a whole new level. It enables caregivers to acquire an in-depth understanding of individual profile by managing complete data including demographics, communication pattern, clinical and nonclinical history, membership and claims systems and much more. Every bit of data is available at one centralized location. In this way, it becomes easier for caregivers to be better-informed, and accordingly deliver personalized care to each patient.

 The Salesforce Health Cloud also helps to enhance the EHR system. It is no secret that it is challenging to earn patients' trust these days. With the Health Cloud, that particular problem is solved as the technology enables the service providers to not only unlock EHR systems but also to incorporate apps into a completely secure and highly flexible platform. Thus, what was previously just a system of record, now gets transformed into a system of engagement.

 The platform essentially enables healthcare service providers to make patients feel like they are family. This platform also helps patients and members to access their data and track their progress towards health goals. They can connect in real time with their caregivers and quickly address any question that might have been bugging them. Moreover, they can do all these from any device of their choice.

 What are some of the features of Salesforce Health Cloud:

 The Salesforce Health Cloud provides:

  • Complete view of patient's profile, timeline, and care team network
  • Easy ways to track care team’s productivity and progress
  • Lead to patient conversion
  • Clinical data management with clinical data model, EHR integration, HL7 compliant interface
  • Individual patient model

 It goes without saying that Salesforce health care validation makes this platform all the more secure and convenient for use, especially for those who handle service providers' and patients' accounts. The compliance standards are high, for example, that of HIPPA that uses Salesforce Shield. The platform's services include Field audit Trail, Data Archive, Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring and more. The development partners of Salesforce Health Cloud include big names like Philips, Accenture, Deloitte, and PWC.  

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