Last weekend Business Models Inc. was present at Eurosonic Noorderslag. While Patrick and Matthijs were interrogating the candidates for the Interactive Awards (read more here), I did live sketchnotes of three sessions. Above you can see the notes I made during the session “The Youtube Opportunity”.

Sketchnotes are a really interesting visual way to capture a story. They are made live, as the story is told. An image can capture a huge amount of information. It is much easier to re-tell the story using sketchnotes than it would be using written notes, as the images help you to remember what has been said. More clues for the brain means better recollection! Don’t you want to keep your story alive and fresh?

At Business Models Inc., we use visuals whenever possible to support analyzing, understanding, innovating and sharing Business Models. To this aim we have built a collection of visual methods. Visuals are not just nice to look at – they support the whole process!

(A full resolution version of the sketchnotes image can be found here on Flickr)

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