Some Effective SEO Copywriting Strategies for Achieving High Rankings

SEO copywriting involves content optimization for search engines. Content optimization is not really a rocket science and it is certainly an effective way of getting free traffic and simultaneously keeping all your users satisfied and happy. SEO would be targeting the entire website while SEO copywriting is all about the content particularly about ways to optimize the content for achieving higher SERP rankings. Here are a few effective reminders and tips.

Pay Attention to the Content as Content Length Actually Counts

While generating content, writers are often puzzled about the length of the post or the number of words the content must contain to be the ideal one. The most perplexing question is: Does content length at all impact SEO rankings? It is firmly believed by many experts that it actually does.

As per the reports of a study conducted by serpIQ, Google’s top ranking pages have over 2,000 words. Another study conducted by seomoz also revealed that longer content would be fetching more links. Another analysis conducted by Quick Sprout points out to the fact that any content that exceeds 1500 words would be getting more tweets and Facebook likes. However, there is no concrete official stance that is embraced by Google. As per John Muller, Google would not be counting words but would put more emphasis on the uniqueness and quality of the content.

Taking all these parameters into account, we could safely conclude that a top quality content which exceeds 1500 words would be performing much better in the search. Get in touch with SandCrest for perfect SEO solutions.

Realize the Importance of the Users’ Language

Experts insist that you must include the most apt words on the page. You must imagine what the user would be typing and try to include those as keywords. Using keywords is not necessarily bad, provided you do not end up overdoing it. You must keep in mind that nobody is interested in reading keyword stuffed posts and articles that are generated just for the search engines.

Experts insist that you must do adequate research before you start writing. Use the Google Keyword Tool for analyzing what exactly the users are searching. You may also take help from the Yahoo Search Assist and the Bing Keyword Tool.

Optimize the Descriptions

You must optimize the titles, as well as, the descriptions for SEO success. If you could come up with a fascinating description which sells, you would be getting a really high click through rates. If you are not able to get a really high CTR, you must concentrate on making your descriptions better. You could boost your SEO rankings in many cases by simply tweaking your descriptions. It is pretty surprising to observe how slight modifications and adjustments could drive in higher traffic.

Keep Using Fresh Content


It is vital to maintain content freshness. It is a competitive world and it is best to stay up-to-date, as far as, content is concerned. If the search engine had to select the best among two articles on the same topic, but one written a few days back and another posted a year back, which one would it be choosing? The latest post would be chosen as it discusses the latest trends and developments in any field.


SEO copywriting strategies discussed above are easy to remember and follow. Follow them religiously for SEO success.

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