The CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CE) GAMEPLAN: A Universal Design Model For Answering the 5 Most Important Questions in Successful Organizations


Starting business design by using a Value Chain, Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, or other business model visualization is a wasteful process in terms of time, money, and other resources that are consumed. The Customer Experience (CE) Gameplan indicates why. In addition, the CE Gameplan can be used to explain why some business models succeed while others fail, decline, or die.

A template of the Customer Experience (CE) Gameplan is available here:

To facilitate use of the Customer Experience (CE) Gameplan, I have added 'The 5 Most Important Questions (MIQ) of Organizations.' The 5 MIQs in the presentation are an adaptation of Peter Drucker's 'The Five Most Important Questions' in his book of the same name. I have extended Drucker's classic questions to include the topics of 'business model (performance)' and 'continuous innovation.'

For the Customer Experience Gameplan, the 5 Most Important Questions are as follows:

1) What is our MISSION?



4) Who is our CUSTOMER?

5) What is our APPROACH, PLAN, OR STRATEGY for continuous innovation?

The Customer Experience Gameplan and in particular, the Universal Design Model, can be used to systematically answer the 5 Most Important Questions as well as check logical (causal) relationships between the answers. In the end, the responses should follow the logic of the Universal Design Model.

Finally, I'd like to add that the Customer Experience Plan (Universal Design Model) emphasizes the need for a dynamic and an adaptive approach to planning since customers as well as their experiences directly influence the performance of a business model. Consequently, organizations desperately need Customer Experience Management, Business Model Innovation, and Continuous Product Innovation if they are to survive and prosper in today's turbulent environment. Hopefully, the Customer Experience Gameplan would serve as a one-page document and compass that guide startups as well as established organizations particularly as they navigate the Red Ocean.

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