The New Changes in Social Media Platforms: Bringing Monotony

Social networking sites are on fire these days! With newer changes coming almost every day,
things are turning wild and thrilling for the users. However, most part of it is also being
criticized by the users every now and then.

The reason behind this criticism is the monotony that is prevailing in the world of social media.
With almost every social media platform adopting the similar features and introducing changes
similar to other platforms, things are getting a bit boring.

What has led to this monotony in the social media apps and platforms is the repeated features,
elements, and UI being introduced in them.

Earlier, each social media platform was distinct and was used as a separate networking channel
by the users but now, things are getting humdrum. Here are some of the changes and new
features that make almost every leading social media channel similar to each other:

1) Stories

The stories that disappear within 24 hours were first featured in the famous social networking
platform – Snapchat.

However, now, you can find this option almost everywhere. Yes, everywhere!
It’s available on the apps of social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and
now, even on Skype!

On Facebook and Instagram, the feature is known by the name of story, on WhatsApp, it’s called
Status, while on Skype, it’s been introduced with the name Highlights.

The first three stay on the app in your account for 24 hours just like the age-old story feature of
Snapchat. On the other hand, the Highlights on Skype stay for 7 days.

No matter what variations all these features bear, they are still said to be the clone of Snapchat.
This is because it was Snapchat from where the original idea about the stories was generated.

While you’re using the mobile apps from any of these social media platforms, you have the
option to post a story – in ALL OF THEM!

2) Filters and Image Effects

Another feature that is now available with almost every mobile app of the social networking
sites is the face filters. It again started with Snapchat and has now spread throughout the web.

The face filters are now found in the in-app camera of both the Facebook and Instagram apps,
including Messenger. These image effects, masks, and realistic filters are quite similar in almost
every social media app and thus, they have become another reason for the monotony of social
media these days.

3) Going Live

Gone are the days when you only get to see live matches or other events on your TVs. Now,
even you can go live through your phone.

All you need is any of the social networking apps in your phone like that of Facebook, Twitter,
or Instagram, and you’re there!

All your friends and followers or the general public will be able to see exactly where you are
and what are you doing – Live!

As thrilling as it sounds, the presence of this feature in almost every social media app has again
made it quite common. Though you might witness a few variations in each platform, but things
are still the same. So, the humdrum features prevail with this one, too.

4) Ephemeral Messages

You must have used this feature in one or two of these social media apps! Yes, the one where
your message disappears after the recipient opens it ones.

Starting from SnapChat, the feature has found its way in almost every social media network,
not only in the form of stories and but also as the private chat messages.

You can send a disappearing message on Instagram in the direct messages that disappears after

the first time it’s opened. The feature is also available with the chat option of Facebook.

5) Private Messages

This feature was not available in all social media sites when they were launched first and this
goes especially for Instagram and Twitter.

But now, from Facebook to Snapchat, every social networking app has the feature of private
messaging and this comes with several other features mentioned above like the disappearing
messages, face filters, plus video calling features, and much more!

So many social media apps, and all serve you the same!

All these repetitive features are making it harder and harder for the users to tell all these social
networking apps apart. With their distinct names, icons, and UIs, they perform almost in the
same way.


Things might again be interesting if something different is offered at each social media channel.

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