Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales on Amazon - Here's What You Should Do!

Product manufacturers and sellers who use Amazon to reach their customers often worry about how to stand out among the hundreds of competitors and catch the ever-decreasing attention of the buyer. It is not enough to make a great product, have enough variants of size and color to be useful to everyone, and price it perfectly. Unless the buyer comes across your product while searching, there is no chance of your product being sold. It becomes the equivalent of an item keep in an obscure back shelf of a brick and mortar shop which doesn’t get sold for ages. The key thing to remember is that if a prospective buyer logs on to Amazon to buy something, he might not have a particular brand in mind, but just a few keywords or phrases with which he searches, and that is the moment when your brand has to figure in his search results. Let us see what some of the keyword research and SEO principles are which can help.


God Is in The Details


While filling in the product details, there shouldn’t be a single field left blank, because that blank field might be the reason for a buyer missing your product. The title, the product features section and the product benefits section, all of them must be suitably described.


Keep Competition in Mind


There are two aspects to the competition here. One is your competitor whose product offerings and pricing strategies need to be tracked by you so that your products are always competitive. The second is the competition against other keywords. Many sellers depend on keyword research tools to hit the correct combination of keywords. A Jungle Scout Review can easily guide the seller towards the correct tool to choose.


Use Words Creatively


Apart from the smart use of keywords, the overall copy of your listing must be such that it can succinctly convey your message. The entire listing might not be visible, especially if the buyer is accessing on a mobile device, so the most important details should be towards the beginning. Also, the short attention span of most buyers needs to be kept in mind. The product details must not only be a dry list of product features but should be written in such a way that it encourages the buyer to select your product.


Know Your Playground


While both Google and Amazon run by keywords search, but the purpose of both is different. Google searches are initially done for information, and that may or may not result in a sale of a product. But when a buyer uses Amazon, it is because he is already ready to buy, and only needs to be shown the correct product. That's why the algorithm used to rank search results is different from Amazon and Google, and your SEO strategy should be tailored accordingly.


The above list of four tips is by no means an exhaustive one, but they sure are some of the most important things that you can do to sell better on Amazon.

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