To Burn a Business Plan or NOT to Burn a Business Plan? Can You Help Me, Now?


Dear Colleague,

It would not come as news to many that use of the traditional business plan is steadily declining especially in the world of Lean Startups. 


Some advocates in the Lean Startup world have even issued a war cry: “Burn the Business Plan!” But, should the business plan be burned?

Right now, we simply do not know whether the business plan should be burned. We simply do not have the evidence that justifies burning of a business plan. The evidence to date is mainly anecdotal about use and value of a business plan, of which the format ranges from the 1-page business plan through the voluminous traditional business plan to the strategic plan. That’s why I’m currently doing a quick study regarding use and effectiveness of the traditional business plan.

The survey will be conducted for one week: from April 13, 2015 to April 20, 2015. Our main goal is to rapidly discover and validate BUMPs (Big Urgent Market Problems) that are associated with the tool of the traditional business plan.

As you know, the more responses we obtain, the more statistically significant would be the results and conclusions. I’d be grateful, therefore, if you could now take about five minutes or less to complete the FTW Customer Survey that focuses on finding out customer experiences with the Traditional Business Plan. The weblink for the survey is as follows:

Once the study is complete, survey participants will receive an Executive Summary of the study report containing an overview of survey results regarding the traditional business plan. Your cooperation is therefore highly appreciated. 

And thanks in advance.


Rod King, PhD.

Leaner Problem Solving (LPS) Coach.

The Global Business DNA Directory


P.S.: Please feel free to share the above weblink with colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.

Oh, and don't forget to post your ideas and suggestions for improvement of any part of the study relating to discovering and validating the BUMPs of a traditional business plan.

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