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At the center of both the destruction and creation of new business models is the World Wide Web. At the Web 2.0 Summit, held in San Francisco October 20-22, leading companies shared their views on business models and what is next on the horizon. I have collected the different videos from YouTube and presentations from Slideshare, and Web2Summit and put it on The Business Model Database blog:

Videos from Day 1
(Comcast, PayPal, Twitter, Zynga, + very interesting Internet Trends presented by Morgan Stanley)

Videos from Day 2
(Facebook, HP, MySpace, Nokia, Aardwark, Guitar Hero, Mandalay Entertainment...)

Videos from Day 3
(Intel, Google, Linden Lab, Adobe, News corp, AOL, Wordnik...)

Another recently published conference was the very interesting New Business Models for News held at University of New York’s Journalism School, organized by Jeff Jarvis. The three videos cover very interesting presentations and summaries from group discussions about network models for news and media, new structures for news organizations, new efficiencies and structures for newsrooms, new revenue opportunities and models, and public support of journalism.


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