Why Instagram Matters in Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Instagram has taken the business landscape by storm and every brand today is trying to get noticed on this platform. Over the 7 years of its existence, this social media network has managed to rake in over 700 million monthly active users. Today, 500 million people use Instagram daily, making it one of the most popular social media networks.

As the business environment becomes more competitive on a globalized platform, brands are looking for the best ideas to reach a larger market. Social media has become the most powerful marketing platform with over 2.5 billion users already on different social media networks. If you already have a social media campaign running, it is time to integrate Instagram to leverage its growing user base.

While it started as a photo sharing platform for family and friends back in 2010, Instagram is now viewed as the most versatile marketing tool. Many businesses that had previously dismissed this social media network are now falling over themselves to try and increase their reach.

For most brands across the world, the campaign for real Instagram likes is now at the core of their marketing strategies and for many good reasons. However solid your current social media campaign is, you need to consider some of the positives you can derive by incorporating Instagram into the campaign. Take a look:

  1. Broader reach – With over 700 million users, Instagram will help you spread your net even wider. You can now reach a broader market, especially if your target market includes millennials who are more active on this platform. With a well-planned campaign, it is easy to spur interest in your brand amongst the target users, which is what every social media marketer wants.
  2. Higher engagement – One thing that is key to social media marketing today is maintaining high rates of engagement. With Instagram now in the mix, your chances of having a successful campaign are even higher. Instagram boasts 58X higher engagement than Facebook and over 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. A marketing campaign with high engagement levels translates to better outcomes, hence the need to start an IG campaign.
  3. Better brand visibility – Getting your brand noticed is the toughest goals you have to achieve in your social media marketing campaign. Every brand seems to be on social media but not many are getting the desired results. With Instagram tools, it is now easy to increase your brand visibility, which is among the key objectives of any SEO campaign. Business profiles, for instance,help grow your brand and enable you to build better relationships with your followers.
  4. More effective campaigns – As you continue your search for free Instagram likes, you will find it easier to leverage the power of visuals to convert followers into customers. Instagram is more effective because of its use of visuals, which more people love and share.

Like4Like will boost your social media campaign by boosting your brand’s presence on Instagram.The process of finding likes and getting followers becomes easier and as your Instagram presence grows, so will the success of your overall social media marketing campaign.


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