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At 2:50pm on July 25, 2014, Tim Rudkins said…

Welcome to the group Mike!

At 8:36pm on July 1, 2013, JC Quintana said…

Mike, thank you for joining the group. I hope to collaborate with you and others on how CRM strategy impacts the entire canvas. My book, CRM to the People: Speaking Frankly About Customer Relationship Management is available on Amazon. However, I am of the thinking that my "knowledge is a drop, and my ignorance an ocean". Looking forward to learning from everyone in the hub.

At 2:27am on May 22, 2013, lacides castillo said…

Dear Mike,

It would be a pleasure and honour to be part of the team to revise the business model tools kit being translated  into spanish. I  am  Venezuelan (spanish mother tongue). I have been using Business model generation canvas for sometime, firstly on the transnational company in which have I been working for 10 years and the last years I have been working as Innovation Manager. On ther other hand; I am writting a book about strategies to solve venezuelan´s  problems  and one of my tools is the  Canvas in order to illustrate  proposals in easy way such as for private enterpreneurship , social and politic segments. Regards Lacides 

At 1:21pm on February 6, 2012, Evert Jan van Hasselt said…

Interesting! Thanks for letting us know!

At 3:59pm on January 17, 2012, Peter Sonderegger said…

Hi Mike,

My pleasure. Next time hopefully in person.

At 12:47pm on August 2, 2011, Sandeep Supal said…

Hey Mike thx for adding.. I like the new interface of the businessmodelhub..great going!

At 4:01pm on July 26, 2011, Joshua Bicknell said…

Hi Mike, thanks for the suggestions! It's funny actually because I ordered Gamestorming this morning so that gives me hope that it was money well spent.


I haven't heard of the Lean Launchpad before but it looks like a great resource so thanks for that. I think I'll start a discussion and see if anyone on this site has any ideas


I actually had the idea to do this yesterday when I was re-reading BMG. I thought about how that book was crowdsourced from this community so I thought I could crowdsource some of the content of the Kenyan business design course in the same way if it's allowed...?


Thanks again.

At 5:53pm on July 13, 2011, David Culton said…

Mike, Great questions. In terms of leading the workshop, we would be facilitating the event and discussion (http://www.creativerealities.com). We would have to talk through things a bit more, as I imagine that leading people through exercises like these is part of what you do, and we'd be looking for you to participate in a bit of different way. As for your second question, certainly all travel costs would be paid, and we can discuss other compensation if appropriate. I should know a bit more on Friday. Next step for us would be to talk briefly to answer more questions and get a feel for each other. Could do that tomorrow, Friday or early next week if you're interested. Let me know.



At 1:05am on July 12, 2011, David Culton said…


Thanks for the response. What we'd be looking for is someone facile in business model thinking to join us in a workshop, as a participant, to listen to information presented about the future of their industry -- what will be different, what competencies will be needed, what the landscape will even look like (as it is predicted to be quite different) -- and then offer potential elements of new business models to take advantage of this future. I'm heading off for the day but will review your page a bit more tomorrow. Let me know if you're still interested.



At 4:44pm on June 28, 2011, aniadelrosario said…


Hi Mike,


I'm doing part time projects - research. The most recent of which brought about generating more sales thru internet marketing. I'm still in the baby steps process of business model generation and testing the waters. The project is in process and it's a long way to go. I can say, from most of the projects I've handled I find my passion here - generating business. I've just received the copy of the book and reading the first few pages when I signed up here. And wow! this is worthwhile online platform as this is socialization blended with intellectual discussion. I'm excited to collaborate with everyone in sharing knowledge.





At 3:34pm on May 22, 2011, Hein Reedijk said…

Hi Mike,

As you can learn from my website (www.museumsetcetera.nl) I have a long history in the Dutch museumworld; Since 2001 I work as a independant management consultant for museums. My specialisms are concept- and strategic development, businessplans and implementation of change. As Dutch government is cutting almost 25% of the funding of culture, museums are goping to have a hard time. Last week I visited a congress on this topic, wher Alex Osterwalder held a flashing introduction on the use of businessmodels in cultural institutions. In the Netherlands, most museums have little experience with this - is that different in Canada? 


Thanks for your reaction,



At 1:24pm on May 18, 2011, Marcel Chiasson said…

Hi MIke, let's have a java. Contact info below:




or Ph: 613-562-0090 ext 235.


Look forward to hearing from you.

At 8:30am on May 10, 2011, Ed Evetts said…
Mike I used an operating model to translate a strategy review into a blueprint describing how an agency would develop over 10 years in terms of people process customer and infrastructure. I saw this resource and the book and wanted to know more

Cheers Ed
At 5:10pm on May 9, 2011, Dan MacPhail said…
That would be great! My mornings are pretty tied up this week, however all my afternoons are free, so whatever day works best for you.
At 11:06pm on May 6, 2011, Dan MacPhail said…

Hey Mike, the world she turns! Just bought a house a few months back, so I'm doing a lot of reno's right now outside of work, which is keeping me out of trouble.

Spurs are sputtering, nothing new there. Bye bye Bale.

Reds are flourishing, again nothing new there. Could this be Ferguson's finest year? IMO yes.

On a work note, I have got my new manager to buy-in to the Business Model idea, I presented to him earlier in the week and he seems to be on board. So I am starting with our BA services division, hopefully that goes well and the I will look at other directorates within the sector and take it from there. The end goal being a Sector wide Business Model rolled up from the Directorate by Directorate Business Models, similar to the apporach we took in doing the AB BM. My manager would like to offer our services out to new clients as well, so it seems like a perfect time to tackle this type of work.

Anyways, good to here from you! How about you, what's new in your world?


Have a great weekend.

At 6:25pm on April 26, 2011, Tim Clark said…
Mike, thanks for your note and apologies for the late response!  Your check-ins at BMY are always inspiring.

Pivots are good! :)
At 10:55am on June 28, 2010, Robbert den Braber said…
Interesting concept of the CSO, it's clear to me that your government is way ahead of ours in this respect. I can imagine they are a powerful player. It must be challenging for them to derive the right specs for the right clients though.

I agree on your point on the business model and who the client is. Both a focus on an internal or external client can work, it just has major implications for the way you work together. It also requires different ways of communicating external client needs through the internal value chain.

In my experience this discussion can result in real eye-openers for procurement, especially when it comes to collaborating with departments like R&D and marketing. These departments tend to clash with procurement when involving them (resulting in less and less procurement involvement). Through business model discussions, you can find out why: often the value proposition conflicts with the real needs of the customer (internal AND external). Most procurement departments are rigidly focused on cost reduction targets...
At 9:02am on June 22, 2010, Robbert den Braber said…
Hi Mike,

To answer your question now, here's some background to my initiative:

The core of my initiative is the role of procurement in specifically innovation processes. I think Procurement should redefine it's role, starting on the right hand side of the business model: who is your customer? Is it the R&D project manager? Or is it the external client?

Most procurement departments I know focus on the step ahead of them in the internal value chain (ie. the R&D manager). The result is a strong silo driven way of working. Procurement focusses on cost and risk reduction (this is what the R&D manager asks for, but only late in the innovation process), and tries to claim territory in supplier contacts. Í've seen many cases where procurement and R&D are working on their own, only to cross each others' path when it is too late to change anything substantially. Conflicts arise due to conflicting targets, inefficiencies occur (ie. both do supplier involvement), collaboration decreases.

In my opinion, the key is to rethink the positioning and role of procurement, starting with the customer question. By focussing on the external customer, procurement will work with the other departments on the same targets. This changes the value proposition, the activities, resources, governance, and partner network. The partner network for instance now contains all involved internal departments and the supply base.

I should add that both models can work. in the end it comes down to mutual trust, good working processes and clear governance. But the external customer model changes the thinking, it helps think of procurement as part of the company serving it's clients, rather than an isolated department (like all the others) working for the CFO or another department.

I think this frame of though isn't isolated to innovation processes. It is just as relevant for HR, IT, Facilities, Materials, etc. Do you recognize any of this from your work for the Canadian gov?

At 9:21pm on June 11, 2010, Robbert den Braber said…
Hi Mike, thanks for your message. I'd love to spend some time on writing more about my initiative, but I hope you can forgive me for directing you to a few slides as Friday evening is pulling me away from my laptop. You can find the basic elements of my initiative in my slideshare slides and my blog. In some places you will see "organizational configuration" or similar terms, these can be easily translated to the Business Model canvas (I have made the translation on several occasions myself, the different terms originate from literature studies I issued). http://www.slideshare.net/RdenBraber

I'm very interested what you think of this material and whether you can apply it in your work. Also when you completely disagree :)


At 10:56pm on November 10, 2009, David Edwards said…
Thats fine - call when you get a chance, it will take me about 20mins to get down to either Jarvis or the Yonge/Dundas area.

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