The Hub is a community of discovery and discussion for business model innovation and, in particular, the use of the Business Model Generation and Value Proposition design tools and approaches. Discussions and postings in the hub have taken a decidedly wrong turn discussing general business behaviour such as SEO and administration. We are therefore required to intervene and curate the discussion to bring them back into alignment with the goals of this community.

We will not accept discussions other than on business innovation, business models, and value proposition design.


On the Strategyzer web site they have announced a schedule for the 2-day Masterclass workshops with Alex. The workshop is a tremendous opportunity to spend time with the BMG guru gaining insights and ideas. Some of the sessions will be led by Strategyzer certified trainers (noted below).

Firm dates:

Berlin, Germany, March 22, 23, 2018

Toronto, Canada, April 2018

Dates to be determined

London, England, mid-2018


The Business Model Innovation Hub is where the management book bestseller Business Model Generation was written in collaboration with 470 participants.

Now the Hub is open to every visionary game changer, and challenger interested in business models. It is the place to be to exchange knowledge and experience on business model innovation.

Let us create value together and make outmoded business models history.



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How can a survivorship policy help save your business?

There are many highly successful and skilled business owners, who forget to consider the possibility of estate taxes that their heirs might have to face upon their passing. In situations like these, most heirs have no other option than to sell off their inheritance and liquidate their family assets. A business can find it difficult to survive such a hassle since the federal taxes and state taxes can be quite merciless. Different state limits make it more difficult for business owners residing…See More
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John Davis posted a blog post

NRE Account | NRO Account | FCNR Account

There are many types of NRI banks accounts available. But, here I will be explaining only the most widely used and offered by the leading banks in India. The following are the three types of NRI bank accounts offered by most of the bank across India:      # NRE (Non Resident (External) Rupee) Account:NRE is a term assigned to bank accounts available to NRI’s who currently reside outside India. An NRE account can be a saving, current or a fixed term deposit account. NRE account  is a Rupee…See More
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Zack H Halliwell posted a blog post

How to Start a Business in Your Spare Time

There are entrepreneurs out there who are either very brave or very stupid when they throw themselves behind their business. Without a second thought, they quit their job and put all of their efforts into the business. For most of us, this isn’t a viable possibility. The fact is that we need that main source of income to fund the business in the first place.Which means finding a way to somehow manage the workload of a full-time job, whilst also trying to get a business off the ground with a few…See More



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