The Hub is a community of discovery and discussion for business model innovation and, in particular, the use of the Business Model Generation and Value Proposition design tools and approaches. Discussions and postings in the hub have taken a decidedly wrong turn discussing general business behaviour such as SEO and administration. We are therefore required to intervene and curate the discussion to bring them back into alignment with the goals of this community.

We will not accept discussions other than on business innovation, business models, and value proposition design.


On the Strategyzer web site they have announced a schedule for the 2-day Masterclass workshops with Alex. The workshop is a tremendous opportunity to spend time with the BMG guru gaining insights and ideas. Some of the sessions will be led by Strategyzer certified trainers (noted below).

Firm dates:

Berlin, Germany, March 22-23, 2018

Toronto, Canada, April 19-20 2018

Boston, USA, May 31-Jun 01

Dates to be determined

London, England, May-2018

Paris, France, June 2018

Singapore, mid-2018

Melbourne, Australia October 2018


The Business Model Innovation Hub is where the management book bestseller Business Model Generation was written in collaboration with 470 participants.

Now the Hub is open to every visionary game changer, and challenger interested in business models. It is the place to be to exchange knowledge and experience on business model innovation.

Let us create value together and make outmoded business models history.



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Lawrence b Stallings posted a discussion

Moving office to a new country

I am one of the co-founders of a startup. We started out a few years ago, we have funding, but we never really had a product of our own (Mostly stayed afloat with outsourced projects.) Now we have a prototype for a new product, and we have raised quite a bit of funding for this. Most of our investors think that moving to US will be the right direction for the company due to the proximity to new developments.We already have an office in Toronto and around 25 people work there. A discussion with…See More
Harrie Sterk replied to Harrie Sterk's discussion How to start a Business Model Canvas session
"Hello, here is another update. It's been a while (March 27) since my last update. A lot of things happend in that time. The meeting is cancelled. There wasn't anyone who wanted to participate in the meeting. I had to think of an other way…"
shrikantha posted a discussion

Why Google My Business is not stable?

Hi All,I have a well organized Google My Business Page. But the problem is whenever I search my business, sometimes the GMB page shows on the Google but sometimes not. Please tell me what might be the problem. And is there any algorithm changes Google has made?See More
Kelly Wilson posted a blog post

Balancing cash flow has become easy for real estate brokers who avail commission advance

Real estate brokers are courageous people due to their abilities in coping up with the financial adversities they often face. Those aware of the kind of uncertainties in real estate business would know what the statement means. The real estate market is perennially volatile that sets it apart from all other businesses. And as it happens, the risks perceived by investors for the real estate industry are too high. You do not know what the fate of would be backing some brokers because it is not…See More



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